Defy the cold!

Family, friends and seminar package!
Time: November-April

At a time when native Estonian sees himself knee-deep in an ocean, looking at the sunshine through palm trees, Kallisaba offers you something completely different. Our own familiar climate, no danger of getting sunburn, but still…
You arrive, get changed into something more sporty and casual, and Kallisaba takes care that you never get bored. Let’s go and have some fun in autumn leaves or snow for a few hours. Then we’ll have a delicious bite to eat and get into a proper snow sauna with a dip in the bathing barrel. Body sings as the mind rests!

Price for 20 persons from 970 Euros (+VAT)
Price includes:

  • Use of (seminar) rooms
  • Various activities in the nature
  • Lunch (main+desert)
  • Sauna, snow sauna and bathing barrel
  • Dinner
  • Sweet dreams in Kallisaba main building
  • Breakfast

Guaranteed pleasure for your mind and body!


All is well that ends well!

Seminar package!
Time: September-May

We live in a climatic zone where in winters there’s hardly any sunshine and the nights are darker than black. So at Kallisaba, we try to make most out of both. After the daily training course or seminar we offer you a chance to take a 1-2 hour trip in the nature along with our guide. It includes exciting activities and all around fun. Your lungs will be filled with fresh air and tensions are left in the woods, along with pines and firs.
When you return to Kallisaba, a warm and comfy sauna, tasty meals and a snug atmosphere will be waiting for you.
To wrap up the day, a nice movie night with your favourite movie helps you to unwind.

Price for 20 persons from 950 Euros (+VAT)
Price includes:

  • Welcome Cafe!
  • Use of seminar rooms
  • 2 coffee breaks
  • Lunch (main+desert)
  • After-lunch nature hiking trip with games
  • Sauna with cold food
  • Dinner
  • Movie night
  • Sweet dreams in Kallisaba main building with a breakfast


Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. The smaller the group, the smaller the bill, and, unfortionately, vice versa.